Police investigate theft spree in Milton-Freewater


Milton-Freewater Police arrested a 19-year-old man Wendesday evening following a rash of thefts earlier the same day. Residents reported thefts in five locations stretching southeast from Northwest Second Avenue to Willow Street.

According to Chief Doug Boedigheimer, police linked Nicholas Aguirre to the theft of a bicycle and a bicycle trailer that were reported stolen. Boedigheimer said witness descriptions and the local knowledge of his officers led to Aquirre’s capture.

“My guys know who this is,” Boedigheimer said, adding that he has had contact with police in the past.

Police are investigating whether Aguirre is connected to the other reported thefts and whether he may have had an accomplice.

Aguirre was arrested on investigation of third degree theft, second degree criminal trespass and second degree criminal mischief.


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