Moral ideological awaking is needed


I have never met Thomas H. Reed, whose letter appeared in the Jan. 5 U-B attacking Don Casebolt’s scientific letter addressing evolution vs. the God of creation.

Mr. Casebolt’s well-written letters, reflecting a revolutionary thinking man of professional stature, are of value to me and, I hope, to others. Come to find out Mr. Casebolt is a retired physician dedicated to the Hippocratic oath of saving lives of our fellow sufferers, and no less of his own mind, body, and soul.

In 1949 my worldview, at age 27, was more like that illustrated in Mr. Reed’s letter. My own life’s paradigm and “scientific” assumptions of origin and purpose in a world of time, space and matter were “I was all that mattered.”

I was wrong and had been dumbed-down by accepting a poor science based on relativism and evolution thinking — no moral absolutes such as absolute honesty, absolute purity, absolute unselfishness, and absolute love — debunking a Creator God who required accountability.

Karl Marx and Adolf Hitler liked Darwin’s theory of natural selection. This idea made a good mix to promote the lies of a superior race and equality within society. Ideological blindness denies the sovereignty of a Creator God and marginalizes those who sincerely know and worship Him and seek His face.

Today’s youth of the world must be allowed to address both “theories” of an intelligent Creator as presented in Holy Scripture and that of only evolution as espoused by Charles Darwin. They are capable of reaching conclusions based on the complexity of the world we live in. Otherwise they will be fighting and dying and losing more wars to the end of time. We need a moral ideological awaking and living within our homes, churches, and schools.

Phillip Monfort



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