Letter - Too many variables on school bond


The city had all these signs up last year wasting money on advertising on how we’ll have fewer potholes.

Well, the fact is that there are more than there were before. Being a bus driver I notice a majority of the streets are full of them, and if not, temporary fixes, which aren’t very good.

No thanks, I’ll never vote for street tax again.

Then now the upcoming school bond for a building at Walla Walla High School?

Don’t let them fool you about College Place High School students staying at Wa-Hi instead of going to CPHS.

I’m sure it’ll be in the hundreds and maybe more if Wa-Hi students decide to move to the new school.

We’ll pay more taxes for nothing.

It works this way for bus drivers when a bond comes: we have pay cuts. I’m afraid it’ll happen again. Shorter routes, less pay. Most bus drivers are already at a poverty level.

I vote no.

There are too many variables in that tax plan.

Jerald Knudson

Walla Walla



Doceo says...

Mr. Knudson, imagine for a moment that as a bus driver you were required to drive students in a bus that had been on the road since 1964. Do you think that would be a safe situation for kids? Teaching students in a non-science classroom is like driving students home in a used moving van with some benches bolted to the floor. It might get the job done but it is neither safe nor effective.

Posted 16 March 2014, 8:46 p.m. Suggest removal

Iopine says...

Just a wee bit more sniping on non-issues }approx. $600,000{. Over the cost of the parking lot.

Bond sales tax - How ironic to be forced to pay a Tax with a Tax?

Sales tax - When the contractors present a bid it includes the entirety of there portion of construction including sales tax. If there bid has sales tax included where does this sales tax that is included in the bond come from?

Is this coming from double jeopardy from the City?

Posted 17 March 2014, 10:32 a.m. Suggest removal

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