Letter - Our children are our best investment


The idea of another tax increase seems unbearable, but Walla Walla needs to pass the high school science bond on April 22. It is vitally important our community invest in our high school students, our future.

Our children are our best investment. Our high school students have been learning science, without hands-on lab experience, in poorly equipped classrooms built in the 1960s.

These hands-on lab experiences are crucial to a student’s education. The proposed science building provides the best option for new classrooms with the least disruption, fully equipped modern laboratories for hands-on student learning, as well as desperately needed new classrooms to the high school.

While it hurts to add expenses to our pocketbooks, we must invest in the education of our high school students! Vote yes for the Wa-Hi bond on April 22.

Krista Meyer

Walla Walla



ALWWWA says...

Thank you for seeing children as investments.

When a recent tax hike was passed by voters for Emergency Medical Services, an enormous majority voted YES. I believe this was because we voters saw this tax hike as a life and death situation. Voting YES was a good investment in their own lives (literally).

Can we as voters see our valley's children in that same life and death way? When we educate our children well, our whole society benefits. Let's invest in children by voting yes.

Posted 28 March 2014, 4:44 p.m. Suggest removal

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