Inland Octopus owner Bob Catsiff continues to fight the city to keep the giant octopus mural over his store. Catsiff is:

Doing the right thing. The mural is fun and enhances downtown even if it violates the sign code. 36 votes


Making a mistake to keep fighting. The mural looks fine but Catsiff is in violation of the city's sign code. 14 votes


In the wrong and the downtown sign code is necessary. The mural does not fit with downtown. 23 votes


73 total votes


barracuda says...

It's going to come sometime..... you will lose! The city has way too much to lose on this fight! They will change the rules to win.... It has become obvious the Council will cheat others to get what the wine stores want.... So... Let's get it over with.... Stop wasting your time and OUR money!

Posted 26 March 2013, 9:05 p.m. Suggest removal

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