Now that the Walla Walla County Rural Library District Board has decided to buy land in College Place for a central library:

Cheer the decision because it’s the right call. 169 votes


Continue to work to stop construction and merge city-county library services. 96 votes


Accept the decision even though consolidation is preferred. 24 votes


289 total votes


goldenacres says...

It's interesting that the U-B never took a poll while the Library Users Group was busy harassing the RLD Board and trying to take county money. The bias is unbecoming.

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snosworthy says...

So if they are in College Place, does that mean College Place residents can use their services? Over and over, we talk about the county and Walla Walla, but College Place does not have check out rights for either one!

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RuralBoy says...

College Place residents will have to buy a Walla Walla Rural Library Card. Just like any one else who is outside the WWRLD tax paying area.

It's something like $40 per year but the website doesn't list it anywhere.

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RuralBoy says...

College Place residents will have to buy a library card like anyone else outside the Walla Walla Rural Library taxing District.

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0324633 says...

Why is the UB posting this poll if it doesn't express the opinion of the UB that such a poll is useful? Could I get them to do a poll on whether people thought it was silly to redo streets and adjacent sidewalks and then restring overhead telephone and cable wires instead of putting the latter underground?

The third option in the library poll negates the value of the poll as one can believe in consolidation and also support a new administrative building by the District. [The poll question is a classic example of poor survey building. Reminds me of many of the political polls one was subjected to last year. ]The building of a centralized and adequately designed facility for administrative functions (courier, infrastructure networking, cataloging and processing)is a solid move by the District. It only improves its ability to move ahead with consolidation. Which, could begin next year if the City Council will seize the moment. and take the District up on their offer to again consider a consolidation request once the new facility is in place. As a city resident I look forward to the day when the Walla Walla Public Library will once again cooperate with some other library and I don't need multiple cards to access the library resources of the world. Walla Walla must be the only city of its size in the country where one is restricted to the materials in its catalog and has no online access to requesting w/o charge materials from other libraries. We should be helping the WWCLD Board dig the foundation! My regret is College Place made the District an offer they couldn't resist. One more lost opportunity by our city council.

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amenielsen says...

you took the words right out of my mouth! kudos :)

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barracuda says...

FYI.... I bet CP Council made no offers. City Councils cannot dictate what is to be built on private property as long as it is within its zoning guidelines. Other than allowing the change in zoning, to accommodate the new library, CP didn't have much to do with it.

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moondog says...

What is the point of this poll? It certainly cannot be to clarify the facts. Who can vote in this poll; city residence, county residence, Seattle residence? The system has allowed me to vote three different times; ones each from three different devices. Not a very scientific, or useful, outcome.

Posted 15 March 2013, 1:12 p.m. Suggest removal

farmersdaughter125 says...

I need some information on the County Library. Is the C.P. location central to all of the county? If it is fine. Are county library users from outlying towns expected to drive to C.P. or is there some sort of County Library mobile unit to make that trip instead? OK. just one more question. Doesn't the County Library run on taxes provided by WW county inhabitants? If so, did anyone else get to vote on where a new County Library would be placed.? Oh, and for those of you who vote multiple times from multiple devices, this poll is not really interested in the "numbers" rather its purpose is to incite thoughtful conversation.

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WWRLD says...

The C.P. location is centrally located for the 10,000 suburban Walla Walla County residents who pay taxes to the County Library District. Outlying towns have had branches serving their communities for many years; there is one each in Prescott, Touchet, Burbank and Vista Hermosa. The entire district is served by a single online catalog shared with the Community College and twice a week courier delivery of materials to all its branches. The County Library runs on taxes provided by residents of the unincorporated parts of the County, and a contract with the City of Prescott of 35-years' standing. No taxes are collected from Walla Walla, Waitsburg or College Place. Residents of those cities may purchase an annual family card to use at any District library for $40.

Posted 18 March 2013, 9:20 a.m. Suggest removal

barracuda says...

Thanks for this info. The WW School dist. could learn alot from the WWRLD. Having a voice on this site is a great stratagy... Kudo's

Posted 18 March 2013, 4:39 p.m. Suggest removal

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