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Walla Walla Gun Club should get OK to build pistol range

The Gun Club has operated near the airport for 65 years; the addition of a pistol range won’t reduce security at the Walla Walla Regional Airport.

An indoor pistol range would be a benefit to the Walla Walla Valley.

Balloon Stampede moving to fall makes sense

The weather is usually better for ballooning, and there should be more balloons filling Walla Walla’s sky.

The Walla Walla Balloon Stampede is moving from May to October in an effort to have more launches every year.

Rep. Paul Ryan’s plan to battle poverty hits bipartisan chord

The Wisconsin Republican is pushing a plan that lets states decide where social service funds are allocated.

Given the financial mess the leaders of the federal government have created with poor spending decisions — much of it on well-intended social programs — U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan might have hit on a winner with his plan to fight poverty.

State school chief’s nightmare continues — and we all suffer

The US Department of Education denied Washington’s request to reinstate its waiver from No Child Left Behind Act.

Washington state Superintendent of Public Instruction Randy Dorn must feel as if he is having a bad dream and can’t seem to wake up.

Compromise to allow jogging on public golf course is wise

A compromise to imposing an outright ban on walkers, joggers and dogs at the city’s public golf course seems reasonable and acceptable. The City Council is considering the proposal tonight.

City’s survey on new pool makes sense

Those who came up with a cost estimate for putting in a new swimming pool — and just a pool — at the site of the old Memorial Pool on a napkin from a coffee shop based their calculations on optimism, not reality.

Vigilance key to getting veterans home constructed

Well, it looks as if the finish line — completion of a veterans nursing home on the grounds of the local VA Medical Center — could soon be in sight.

Fast-growing US debt can’t be ignored

Just when the nation’s economic outlook is starting to brighten, the Congressional Budget Office tosses a big bucket of reality our way.

Silly games of political revenge use serious issues

The U.S. government borrows about $4 billion a day, so it would seem tax collection would be a very high priority.

Free speech isn’t always popular speech

The right to free speech is not always easy to tolerate when exercised by others.

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