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The Union-Bulletin's editorial board includes Publisher Rob Blethen (robblethen@wwub.com), Editor Rick Doyle (rickdoyle@wwub.com) and editorial page editor Rick Eskil (rickeskil@wwub.com).

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Editorial - Establishing wine wastewater permitting process off to strong start

The fact state Department of Ecology officials are working with folks in the wine industry to create a permitting system for winemaking wastewater is a positive sign.

Editorial: Uptick in revenue should cover state expenses

The latest state revenue forecast out of Olympia is a rosy one, with an anticipated $37 billion expected to be collected over the next two years. That is $3 billion more than the 2013-2015 budget.

Editorial: Bike safety in Walla Walla can be improved

Area educators, health care providers, bike shop owners, public safety and law enforcement officials are getting together today to focus on improving bicycle safety in the Walla Walla Valley.

Editorial: Jail mug shots should be public record

Government — including the justice system — must be as transparent as possible. After all, it is the people the government serves and who pay the bills.

Editorial: Oregon’s test with mileage tax makes sense

State lawmakers in Olympia are now pondering raising the gasoline tax by 11.7 cents a gallon to fund $15 billion in transportation improvements,

Editorial - Do local levy funds vanish if state covers full cost of education?

Going into the current legislative session in Olympia, estimates were that an additional $2 billion would have to be added to education spending to satisfy — albeit temporarily — Washington’s Supreme Court justices.

Editorial: Presidential primary is waste of money

Secretary of State Kim Wyman wants to see Washington state revive the presidential primary in 2016.

Editorial - Supermajority approval for school bonds is still reasonable

A 60 percent supermajority is a high threshold to gain voter approval for a school construction bond. It is also a reasonable threshold.

Editorial - Voters have ultimate say over senator’s behavior

State Sen. Pam Roach, R-Auburn, has once again offended and been admonished for it.

Editorial - Searching emails should require warrants

Given the rapid advances in technology — and the way Americans constantly use that technology — it’s troubling the federal Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986 has not been updated to better protect privacy rights.

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