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The Union-Bulletin's editorial board includes Publisher Brian Hunt (brianhunt@wwub.com), Editor Rick Doyle (rickdoyle@wwub.com) and editorial page editor Rick Eskil (rickeskil@wwub.com).

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Editorial: Eyman’s latest initiative should go to voters

Is Tim Eyman’s latest initiative, which seeks to reinstate a supermajority vote by the Legislature to raise taxes, constitutional?

Editorial: Executive order not way to impose carbon emissions cap

Gov. Jay Inslee plan to use his administration’s executive authority to impose a binding cap on carbon emissions is bold, yet ultimately misguided.

Editorial: Boy Scouts right to lift ban on gay leaders

The Boy Scouts of America made the right call on Monday when it finally ended its ban on gay adult leaders.

Editorial: Federal judge wisely seeks deadlines for nuclear cleanup

Spilled water at a grocery seems to be treated as a more serious hazard than the 53 million gallons of radioactive nuclear waste stored in leak-prone tanks at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation. At least when the floor is wet, somebody grabs a mop to quickly clean it up.

Editorial: Governor must retain control of setting water quality rules

The federal Environmental Protection Agency is poised to wrest control from Washington state in regard to establishing water-quality rules. The power grab must be stopped.

Editorial - Trump’s attack on McCain’s service is un-American

Partisan politics, particularly at the national level, is a full contact sport. Not much is off limits when it comes to skewering an opponent.

Editorial - Tax advisory votes are nonsensical

Once again, tax advisory measures will be on the ballot in Washington state.

Editorial - Firefighters, support crew appreciated

The scope of the Blue Creek fire that has engulfed much of the land east of the city is difficult to fully grasp intellectually, particularly as life goes on as always throughout the Valley.

Editorial - Determining education funding role of lawmakers

Three years ago the state Supreme Court ordered the Legislature to fully fund basic education as mandated by the state constitution.

Editorial - Boost in gas tax will benefit Walla Walla

A boost in the state’s gasoline tax of 11.9 cents per gallon over the next two years is significant. It’s going to be noticed when folks fill up their Suburbans or even their Mustangs and Camrys.

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