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The Union-Bulletin's editorial board includes Publisher Rob Blethen, Editor Rick Doyle, editorial page editor Rick Eskil and human resources manager Deirdre Bealey.

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Comedian’s death puts spotlight on suicide prevention

The death of well-known and well-liked celebrities brings attention to the cause of their death — whether cancer, heart disease or suicide.

Lawmakers have power to cut benefits

Without a doubt it stinks.

Message of compassion is one worth spreading

Scarlett Lewis’ 6-year-old son was among the 20 children murdered by Adam Lanza at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012.

Wine, beer tasting welcome at Downtown Farmers Market

Allowing wine and beer to be sampled at Walla Walla’s Downtown Farmers Market is welcome. It adds one more feature to an already successful event every Saturday and Thursday.

Vicious Internet attacks in wake of Williams’ death disgusting

The suicide of comedian Robin Williams stunned and saddened the nation. His death hit many Americans hard because Williams is a person many have grown up with on television — “Mork & Mindy” — and in movies. Most folks have laughed with him along the way.

Walla Walla police union right to fight for raises

Walla Walla police officers should not have had to go to binding arbitration to get a reasonable pay raise.

Where will mentally ill in danger go now?

Is it better to restrain mentally ill people who are a clear danger to themselves and others or leave them alone, allowing them to wander the streets?

The top-two primary is working

Washington state, from a population standpoint, tends to be bluish — as in favoring the Democratic Party.

Tweak law so police can track stolen cellphones

Once again, the law lags behind technology.

US getting back into Iraq War is mistake

This morning, following the orders of President Obama, two U.S. F/A-18 Hornet jets dropped bombs on Islamic militants in Iraq. The president then threatened further military action. But he also vowed to not get dragged into another war.

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