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The Union-Bulletin's editorial board includes Publisher Rob Blethen (robblethen@wwub.com), Editor Rick Doyle (rickdoyle@wwub.com) and editorial page editor Rick Eskil (rickeskil@wwub.com).

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Editorial - Double-digit pay raise for state lawmakers is too much

The senators and representatives elected to the state Legislature are in line for an 11.2 percent pay raise over the next two years.

Editorial - Prepaid postage for ballots too costly for state

Recent voter turnout in Washington state — and Walla Walla — has been pathetic.

Editorial: Plan to rebuild Memorial Pool is excellent

Walla Walla needs a quality community swimming facility. The $5.8 million bond proposal on the Feb. 10 ballot (that will be mailed Friday) will make that possible.

Editorial - Initiatives should include funding method

It is easy to come up with terrific ideas on how to fix education, transportation and just about any other state program. It’s a whole lot harder to find ways to fund the implementation of the proposals.

Editorial - Parents, not government, should set limits for kids

Isn’t it the goal of parenting to raise independent, self-sufficient children who can lead successful, happy lives when they leave the home?

Editorial - Will limiting free meals for lawmakers to 12 be enough?

The new rules now in place limiting the amount of free lunches, dinners and breakfasts state lawmakers can accept are welcome. Lobbyists should not be able to wine and dine their way into lawmakers’ hearts — and minds.

Editorial: City Council’s decision to give Aviary more time pays off

The Pioneer Park Aviary had run out of time in September. The home to about 200 birds of various varieties was slated to be shut down if a group of citizens — the Friends of the Pioneer Park Aviary — could not come up with the money to rebuild the failing enclosure.

Editorial: Obama’s plan for free college isn’t really free

President Barack Obama’s latest attention-grabbing effort — a proposal to provide two years of free college — is not something the federal government should fund.

Editorial: US Highway 12 progress hinges on gas-tax hike

Progress has stalled in the quest to four-lane U.S. Highway 12 from Walla Walla to the Tri-Cities.

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