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Panorama - Best unpublished images - May 2015

I have always felt pretty blessed not only to be payed for doing what I love, but to have the results displayed for all to see on the pages of the Union-Bulletin. Other photographers in our community would kill for that kind of exposure (Pun intended!).

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Panorama - A rainbow collection

This is the start of the rainbow season, the time of year when I have one eye on the clouds overhead and the other on the western horizon. We are blessed in Walla Walla with a wonderful rainbow-possible climate — dark rain clouds hugging The Blue Mountains and clear evening skies to the west. When those rays of late-day light shine beneath the cloud cover get ready for a rainbow!

Tease photo

Best unpublished images

I never lose sight of what a blessing it is to be able to do what I love, on a daily basis, and get paid to do it. So many amateur photographers would kill to have the kind of display and distribution we at the Union-Bulletin enjoy.

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