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PANORAMA - The Boys of Summer

One game.One microcosm.A small slice of American pie or, better yet, a hot dog on a bun, smothered in all the fixings.Tuesday's 9/10 District 5 semi-final game at Pacific Little League Fields served as a single taste of the greater feast played out on Lit

New world curiosity

A deer showing the bravery of the young breaks from the older, more cautious herd to investigate wildlife-viewing cars near Old Milton-Freewater Highway just before dusk. Innocence will be in full bloom soon as spring's warming temperatures break winter's

His hands full

His hands full on a sunny morning walk, David Capra moves along Palouse Street with his 2-year-old son, James, in stroller and two dogs – Charlie (left) and Callie – strapped to his hands.

Pictures of the Year 2011 - Jeff Horner

Photographs live long lives.They linger in our collective subconcious, gather quiet dust in the corner of a drawer or hang - slightly crooked - on a cluttered wall of fame.In a crowd of moments, carried forward with the flow of time, the good ones make us

High color

Autumn is the prelude to the gray of winter, the last breath of color from a dying world.

PANORAMA - Encore for a special night

The sound has drifted from the stage for several days now.The music is gone.In dry air at a rate of 768 mph, it should be somewhere out in space, or at least to Tennessee.Yet it lingers. In our heads and hearts the songs play on.

Football frenzy in preparation for season

First-year Wa-Hi football coach Eric Hisaw joined the drills Wednesday during the Blue Devils' first official workout of the fall.Hisaw welcomed 105 players — 'give or take” — to the field during the first day of daily doubles. Wa-Hi will practice from 7:

A Peachy Classic

The Peach Basket Classic 3-on-3 basketball tournament continues on the streets of downtown Walla Walla today. Championship games are slated to begin at noon.

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A lack of information can sometimes lead to a leap of the imagination.

At the end of the story, it's satisfying to find the questions answered, the mystery solved and the reason why the Black Ops helicopters were moving into the storm.In many respects, the end justifies the means. We stroll away from a life

Walla Wallans have Saturday's low grosses at Chapman

WALLA WALLA — Ron Smith and Dona Dunovant of Walla Walla had low gross at 72 in the 2011 Chapman Invitational golf tournament at Walla Walla Country Club after the first round Saturday.Brant and Debby Gibler of Bainbridge Island, Wash., had low net at 65

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