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Fronts in Walla Walla Valley duel for last of winter, first of spring

It will be a tale of two seasons and very disparate weather regimes this week for the Walla Walla Valley — which is entirely appropriate for this changeable time of year as we transition from winter to spring.

Weathervine - Weather gods grant free rain to Valley after heartfelt supplication

A long-lost friend made it back to town this past weekend after an extended absence that had many wondering if he were gone for good.

March’s lion roars: Five-hundredths of an inch of rain in 28 days

Abnormally glorious weather continued to grace the Walla Walla Valley this past week as high pressure remained firmly in control over the Pacific Northwest, supplying a winning formula of sunny skies and above-normal temperatures that provided a delightful foretaste of spring.

Recent and predicted lows indicate winter not ready to give up

After a prolonged absence, winter staged a modest attempt at a comeback this past weekend as a cold front swept across the Walla Walla Valley from the north late Saturday afternoon, ushering in a bracing shot of chilly Canadian air on north and northeasterly winds that gusted to near 30 miles per hour.

Weathervine - Vineyard focus on spurs at the moment

The major weather story this week is a tale of two countries: Winter continues its brutal and unrelenting assault on the eastern half of our nation, while folks here in the West bask in bright sunshine and unusual warmth.

Pressure makes for low-snow gloom

A tantalizing hint of what might be someday was offered to Walla Wallans last week when the sun made a half-day appearance before scaring itself away and becoming shrouded once again in a dense and drippy miasma that is as stubborn as the most partisan legislator.

Weathervine - Warmer, drier-than-normal conditions forecast to persist

A grateful populace welcomed much-needed rainfall and mild temperatures this past weekend as a wet and windy Pacific storm system swept over the Walla Walla Valley, dropping nearly one-half inch of rain on the area.

Murky Valley could use a bit of last year’s record warmth

Thomas Paine once wrote: “These are the times that try mens’ souls.” Contrary to popular notion, he was not describing the formative days of the new American nation, but rather the midwinter Walla Walla weather, whose nearly incessant fog and gloom can take a serious toll on even the sunniest disposition. The recent steady diet of low cloudiness, drizzle and lead-gray skies is of benefit only to the producers of antidepressants and purveyors of vitamin D. The rest of us are obliged to handle our SAD-related symptoms as best we can — and this past weekend’s NFL results have only compounded the problem. The real prospect of three more weeks of Seahawk psychosis is as alarming to some as another month without a single ray of sunshine.

Coldest two-week period of year just about over

Your couch-dwelling forecaster has finally discovered the answer to that age-old question that has perplexed both man and woman for so very long: How much football is too much?

Valley could warm up to new year after chilly few days

The tree is dropping needles like Winnie the yellow lab sheds her hair, the uneaten fruit cake sits stolidly in a hidden corner of the kitchen where it will remain untouched for the next several weeks, and the TV drones a continuous buzz of college bowl games — the names and scores of which will be forgotten by the following day. It is the “lost” week — the seven days between Christmas and the new year when very little of consequence gets done. However, like rust, the weather never sleeps, and your weatherperson is on the job, even if many others are not.

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