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Hot Oriole bats presage sizzling temps on the way

It was a week marked by blustery storms, damaging stones and crackling electricity in the Walla Walla Valley — and then there was the weather.

Impending low pressure to take area by storm

Our weather so far this month would appear to have much in common with the current race for Walla Walla County sheriff: a prodigious amount of annoyingly hot air that seems as if it will never go away.

Valley’s thermostat stuck at 90-plus degrees

The heat is most definitely on here in the Walla Walla Valley and has been for several days now.

Natural fireworks could precede man-made variety

This past weekend featured a rather un-summerlike array of weather. A lingering trough of low pressure that had brought nearly one-quarter of an inch of rain to the Walla Walla Valley on Thursday and Friday continued to provide partly to mostly cloudy skies, occasionally gusty winds and afternoon temperatures that fell about 6 degrees short of the date’s normal high of 84.

‘Mixed bag’ of weather on the horizon

Your weatherperson celebrated the first weekend of summer by enjoying the mostly sunny and seasonably warm weather from the comfort of his favorite seat on the couch. He was intently focused — as were many others — on events unfolding in Brazil, where a wildly entertaining World Cup provided a seemingly endless supply of chills and thrills.

Sun drives away un-Napa Valley-like weekend moisture

Your peripatetic prognosticator is once again on the road this week and finds himself in California’s Napa Valley to visit his son and daughter for a few days.

Fishing, camping weather should continue

Another glorious late-spring weekend graced the Walla Walla Valley as high pressure continued the streak of mostly sunny skies and warm temperatures that began last week. Highs in the low 80s and lows in the 50s made for a near-perfect regime that caused few — if any — to grumble.

Grape pollen ready to get set, grow

Your wandering weatherperson not only survived his Memorial Day weekend excursion to the wilds of Asotin County, but enjoyed his time there immensely — despite the fact that it rained briefly a couple of times at our campsite in lovely Fields Springs State Park. The discovery of several morels in the surrounding woods provided a savory note to our stay, and much of the time was spent with eyes intently focused on the ground in an effort to find the very tasty — but elusive — fungi.

More of the same on tap: Warm week, cooler weekend

The Walla Walla Valley was treated to a preview of summer last week as a strong high pressure system over Washington brought a mini heat wave to the area, with temperatures soaring to near 90 degrees.

Stampede weather to float in — just a few days too late

Once again, Mother Nature conspired to prevent many of this past weekend’s Balloon Stampede events from getting off the ground. Winds above ground level were sufficiently strong to make flying the colorful balloons a risky undertaking.

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