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Classical cocktail: Mix 18th-century with modern, shake well

Like Newton and Einstein, Sergei Prokofiev made his most original contribution to the world when he was 26.

Concerts paint musical landscapes with solitary figures

We Walla Wallans have some rich musical pickings coming up as the Walla Walla Symphony and Whitman College join to provide a festival called Music 360°. The subtitle is “Looking Back ... Reaching Forward.”

Cheers! February brings broad range of concerts, recitals

Not only do we now start to notice the days lengthening, but we also raise our Champagne glasses to toast.

Tchaikovsky: The solace of music in a difficult life

December is a time of joyous musical celebration. This month I focus, as I have long wished, on a single composer.

Music for and by young people a theme in November concerts

The extraordinary David Kim, in his second year on the Whitman College faculty, will give November’s First Thursday lunchtime concert at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 323 Catherine St.

Autumn concert season returns with an ‘Enigma’

It’s not just the weather change; be happy with the coming of autumn also for the return of the concert season. Whitman College, Walla Walla University and the Walla Walla Symphony all have offerings for us.

Introduce music to kids — ‘a young genius’ might be nearby

The South African Nobel Laureate J.M. Coetzee wrote in 2001 of hearing, at 15, the music of Bach (from The “Well-Tempered Clavier”) being played on the harpsichord.

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A conversation with music’s bright, hardworking future

Usually I write about what’s coming up in the next month, especially in classical music in the Walla Walla Valley. But so far nothing has come across my radar for July, so instead I’ll talk about what’s coming up a little further out.

The musical fruits of summer return to Walla Walla

I remember from my very earliest years, at Green Park Elementary School, rejoicing in the beginning of June.

May brings a soundtrack for Walla Walla history

We celebrated Walla Walla’s sesquicentennial in 2012. The city was incorporated in 1862, but Fort Walla Walla came first, in 1818, and the Whitmans arrived in 1836.

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