Sarah Kelnhofer

Outdoors columnist

Sarah Coleman Kelnhofer writes from College Place, where she and her husband strive to tame their half-acre of wilderness while their children try to reclaim it. Last year, she even grew pansies – in a secret location – hidden from the local wildlife.

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Pet project: Why animal ownership speaks to our souls

“Do you remember the day I ran over your cat?” My mother’s voice breaks the silence of our midmorning walk.

Happy return: Simple trip yields surprising rewards

My innards gently quiver as I ease into the driver’s seat of my friend Renee’s black car. Stretching my shaky fingers, I sigh and snap my seat belt into position. Don’t want to take any chances.

The shopping truth: Unearthing an unforeseen treasure

Soon after entering college, I discovered what would become a lifelong passion. Necessity (in the form of a shriveled bank account) combined with my newfound mobility to provide fuel for my fresh love, and before long, I joined the ragtag ranks of those who boasted the finds they discovered while “thrifting.”

Going to the chapel: Merry, not harried, the name of the game

Preparing five people to participate in an out-of-town wedding provides ample opportunity for frustration.

Familiarity breeds content: Married dating still a worthy adventure

Morning arrives early when you’ve got a date with self-discipline.

Despite disruptions, annual garden fervor sprouts and thrives

The small nature child perched on my right shoulder rolls her eyes and jabs me to make my standard rebuttal. “It’s more than a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. And it’s good for our health!”

Frost's poem offers a timely reminder

“How do I connect a ‘b’ to an ‘e’?” Summer’s voice jars me back to the present, and I look up with vacant eyes.

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Blustery weather at Hat Rock outing makes for sunny memories

“Can I just sit in the car while you walk?” Jared voices the very idea I’ve been hatching, and I frown.

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Minimizing clutter means messy business for mom

I decompress by picking bits of lint and sticky pennies from the allergen host formerly known as my carpet.

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The 2014 Super Bowl was full of surprises

This year I should get into the spirit. It’s our team — our moment! I try to muster some spunk, but instead, sense a yawn coming on.

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