Sheila Hagar

Medical and social services reporter


Sheila Hagar has written for the Walla Walla Union-Bulletin since 1998. While she has often freelanced for much larger papers and done projects for magazines, it's the U-B readers who have lived her life — and often their own — through her “Home Place” columns.

In 2004, Sheila joined the staff full-time at the U-B, becoming the health, social-services and entertainment reporter. She continues to write “Home Place,” as well as her blog, “From the Storage Room.”

Recent Stories

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The unsimple tale of Simon the cat

Simon, a tuxedo cat missing since August, is reunited with his family.

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General Hospital concert series aims for the heart

As people entered the sliding doors of Walla Walla General Hospital lobby, they inevitably turned their heads left.

Navigating holiday traditions in 2nd marriage a tricky waltz

I’m becoming something of an expert on second marriages. On my second marriage, anyway.

Local coalition’s proposals aim to address homelessness

WALLA WALLA — It’s the holiday season and the time to seek out some gifts for the homeless population here seemed right to members of The Interfaith Coalition on Poverty.

‘Boot-strappin’ folk’ won’t give up on Garfield County hospital

POMEROY — Garfield County Hospital District head Andrew Craigie counts retired pediatrician Ray Cardwell as among outsiders who want to see the district weather its current hard times.

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Strapped Garfield County hospital gets endowment funds

POMEROY — In the aftermath of a still-fresh tax levy victory, supporters of Garfield County Hospital District have not stopped at the ballot box in efforts to keep the facility alive and see it thrive again.

Flu shot not as effective as hoped

If you’ve followed public health advice, you’re already vaccinated against influenza for the current season.

Hagar: No kidding: ‘Snow Child’ a ‘delicious’ read

You know I rarely do book reviews. For good reason — my recreational reading time is limited to that very brief span between when I crawl into bed and when I can no longer keep my eyes open.

Church to be community’s warming center

WALLA WALLA — After some uncertainty of the “who” and “where” of a community warming center, things are now in place for this season’s coldest days for those who need shelter.

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New food bank manager rolls up sleeves

The size of basketballs, colored like “Outrageous Orange” in the 64-box of Crayola crayons and beautifully bumpy, they fill four fridge-size totes Wednesday at Blue Mountain Action Council Food Bank.

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