Sheila Hagar

Medical and social services reporter


Sheila Hagar has written for the Walla Walla Union-Bulletin since 1998. While she has often freelanced for much larger papers and done projects for magazines, it's the U-B readers who have lived her life — and often their own — through her “Home Place” columns.

In 2004, Sheila joined the staff full-time at the U-B, becoming the health, social-services and entertainment reporter. She continues to write “Home Place,” as well as her blog, “From the Storage Room.”

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Updated: Soil testing for Valley Fever culprit improves

Washington state public health departments finally have some ammunition to go after a relatively recent — and totally unwelcome — newcomer to the region.

Column: Remembering the gift of ‘good’ on Memorial Day

Just a glimpse of Ronnie’s face could change my entire day.

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History in stone

A former Walla Walla couple traverses the state to log what they find in old cemeteries.

Begun as Decoration Day in 1868 and made a national holiday in 1971 to honor those who died in U.S. wars, Memorial Day is a time people journey to cemeteries to pay tribute to veterans and others.

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Former Dayton man heads to Nepal to lend a hand

After a 2013 collision with a deer when he was riding his motorcycle in hills surrounding Dayton, Teeters found himself grateful to be alive and prepared to live with whatever physical health limitations his shattered leg, ruptured spleen and broken ribs dictated.

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Nepal offers lesson on disaster preparedness

In Nepal, Booth Teeters sees firsthand every day what lack of disaster preparation looks like.

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Ubiquitous beetles under columnist's skin

Today we are going to talk about a common enemy in the West: the boxelder bug, also known as elder bugs.

Catchy names aimed to catch up on M-F development

At a community meeting last week, urban planners Matthew Arnold and Martin Glastra van Loon of Portland-based SERA Architects Inc. used catchy titles to unveil ways to capitalize on Milton-Freewater’s historic and natural assets.

Milton-Freewater on brink of decision about future

The time is now for Milton-Freewater residents to decide how their farm town on the edge of the Walla Walla Valley will capitalize on a growing wine industry poised to bring more wineries and tasting rooms — and a bumper crop of tourists.

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Former soldiers apply know-how to Walla Walla fiber farm

Two llamas and some help from the Farmers-Veterans Coalition of California have helped the Walla Walla couple create Old Homestead Alpacas fiber farm, which will have a grand opening June 13.

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Walla Walla student film festival goes global

Like any 4-year-old, SPIFFY is looking forward to a big birthday celebration.

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