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Baby alpaca fights to make weight in rocky start

Born May 24 at about half the weight of a typical newborn alpaca, Little Guy is fighting for all he’s worth to overcome a rough start at Old Homestead Alpacas, a fiber farm on Stateline Road featured earlier this month in a story about veterans becoming farmers.

Updated: Soil testing for Valley Fever culprit improves

Washington state public health departments finally have some ammunition to go after a relatively recent — and totally unwelcome — newcomer to the region.

Column: Remembering the gift of ‘good’ on Memorial Day

Just a glimpse of Ronnie’s face could change my entire day.

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History in stone

A former Walla Walla couple traverses the state to log what they find in old cemeteries.

Begun as Decoration Day in 1868 and made a national holiday in 1971 to honor those who died in U.S. wars, Memorial Day is a time people journey to cemeteries to pay tribute to veterans and others.

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Former Dayton man heads to Nepal to lend a hand

After a 2013 collision with a deer when he was riding his motorcycle in hills surrounding Dayton, Teeters found himself grateful to be alive and prepared to live with whatever physical health limitations his shattered leg, ruptured spleen and broken ribs dictated.

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Nepal offers lesson on disaster preparedness

In Nepal, Booth Teeters sees firsthand every day what lack of disaster preparation looks like.

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Ubiquitous beetles under columnist's skin

Today we are going to talk about a common enemy in the West: the boxelder bug, also known as elder bugs.

Catchy names aimed to catch up on M-F development

At a community meeting last week, urban planners Matthew Arnold and Martin Glastra van Loon of Portland-based SERA Architects Inc. used catchy titles to unveil ways to capitalize on Milton-Freewater’s historic and natural assets.

Milton-Freewater on brink of decision about future

The time is now for Milton-Freewater residents to decide how their farm town on the edge of the Walla Walla Valley will capitalize on a growing wine industry poised to bring more wineries and tasting rooms — and a bumper crop of tourists.

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Former soldiers apply know-how to Walla Walla fiber farm

Two llamas and some help from the Farmers-Veterans Coalition of California have helped the Walla Walla couple create Old Homestead Alpacas fiber farm, which will have a grand opening June 13.

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Walla Walla student film festival goes global

Like any 4-year-old, SPIFFY is looking forward to a big birthday celebration.

Column: Dachshunds a hard habit to break

Someone took my dog home without my permission. I mean, not actually without my say-so, since presumably they haven’t an inkling their new dog is my heart’s desire.

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Pop-up art does just that in Milton-Freewater

A new door opened up for local artists, commercial property landlords and art lovers in Milton-Freewater this weekend.

WW County gonorrhea rate climbs 70 percent

The annual number of gonorrhea cases diagnosed in Washington state rose significantly again in 2014 following a big uptick in 2013, the Department of Health reported Wednesday.

Home Place: To love in vein

There could be no denying it — my shower stall looked like Charlton Heston was parting the Red Sea at my house. Why else would the tile suddenly be bright red?

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VA campus, Catholic Charities open doors to homeless vets

It’s taken nearly four years to get shovels in the ground to create new housing options for veterans here living in homelessness, but Friday saw that first step taken.

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Seed planted on Valley stages blossoms on Broadway for Heather Botts

From Milton-Freewater church musicals years ago to the Broadway staging of “Doctor Zhivago,” Heather Botts has come a long way.

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Panorama - Camping, Harris Park style

It’s not urban camping. Nor is it the off-the-grid variety.

Higher-education help for juvenile offenders a solid community investment

Studies covering how many formerly incarcerated teens and young adults go on to postsecondary education are hard to find, said Lee Thornhill, manager of Gateways for Incarcerated Youth, based at Evergreen College in Washington state.

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Looking for hope in all the right places

As can be the case with teens anywhere, the faces around a table at Walla Walla Community College last month wore masks of boredom and polite indifference.

Picture-perfect driver’s licenses could boost state’s bottom line

Words you were not expecting to read here: I’m a tweaker.

State grant funds healthy food stamp purchases

People who need help buying food in Walla Walla and the rest of Washington now have a healthier chance at being able to afford more nutritious food.

Staff shortage cuts Pomeroy ER hours

Adequately staffing a rural hospital is not a new problem, but it is hitting the Garfield County Hospital District in Pomeroy hard.

Younger Adventists pave road ahead on church gay issues

The Seventh-day Adventist Church has evolved on social issues since its founding in 1863. In official statements, it has taken stands for civil rights, opposition to slavery and for religious liberty, among other issues.

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Support group helps gay man keep faith in SDA Church

Being gay and hanging onto his church affiliation has taken fortitude from Terry Rice at times.

Study: Young adults drift away from church

The Seventh-day Adventist Church is experiencing “alarming declines in the number of young adults who are actively involved in a local church,” according to authors of a report on a study of Adventist college graduates.

Walla Walla County one of healthiest places in state

A report released Wednesday found Walla Walla County to be the 10th healthiest county in which to live in Washington state.

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Colin Hay’s endless highway has Walla Walla stop

Colin Hay is a man at work — on nearly perpetual tour even.

Emergency planners roll up sleeves for ‘MumFoo’

Before a single note is played at this summer’s Gentlemen of the Road Stopover music festival in Walla Walla, an army of local, regional and far-flung providers will have worked for months on event safety.

Home Place - Pole position leads to first-place finish for fitness enthusiast

Every day this job is steak — meaty and filling work that sticks to my mental ribs. Sometimes, though, I get dessert, smack in the middle of the day.

Brain tumor opens writer’s mind

If not for enduring intense and challenging situations as a kid, Walla Walla author Sarah Bergman said she would not have had the strength to go through what the past couple of years have wrought in her life.

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Former U-B editor Bill Asbury led a sobering life

Bill Asbury has been gone from the Walla Walla Valley 40 years now, but his time here has rippled through countless people through his journalism and epic battle with alcohol.

Home Place - Valley loses ambassador from heaven

Fergn (that “g” is silent) left our community on Feb. 17, less than a month before her 94th birthday. When I saw her obituary in this newspaper, I loosed an involuntary moan and my nose began running as I tried to barricade the instant tears.

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Cycle safety group maps road ahead

Walla Walla surgeon Dr. Fred Field said he hangs onto hope provided by late anthropologist Margaret Mead:

Smoking wars vet welcomes new weapon

Mardi Hagerman welcomes any aid to fight tobacco addictions, and today’s launch of another smartphone stop-smoking application is another for the toolbox.

New stop-smoking app aims to lead the pack

Your ability to stop smoking just called, and its ready to see you now.

Cyclist death prompts call for safer roads

The bicycle wrecks Dr. Fred Field sees as part of the Providence St. Mary Medical Center trauma team are unforgettably tragic, the surgeon said today.

VA doctor points to gaps in program

A doctor working at an outlying community outpatient clinic managed by the Jonathan M. Wainwright Memorial Veterans Affairs Medical Center said he is as confused as his patients over the rules of the VA’s new Veterans Choice program.

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Glitches surface in VA Veterans Choice program rollout

Cards recently issued by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affair are intended to help veterans get more timely care closer to home.

Legislators push to "Ban the Box" asking about criminal backgrounds on applications

An initiative being presented to this session of the Washington state Legislature seeks to prohibit employers from asking about arrests or convictions before an applicant is deemed qualified for a job.

Hagar - Research revises previous views on carbs and diabetes

An article published at CBS News and other places quoted a study published in the December issue of the journal Diabetes that said high blood sugar may slow brain growth in children with T1D — type 1 diabetes.

Direct-pay, home-care docs return

Private and direct patient medical care re-rooted in America’s medical culture more than 15 years ago, said Michael Chesser, executive director for the nonprofit American Academy of Private Physicians based in Indiana.

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What's old is new: local doc makes house calls

“He has a thing,” Holly Sampson tells a knot of people standing at her front door. “He gets all sweaty. Throw a towel over his face or something.”

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Thinking hearts? Think women’s, Walla Walla cardiologist advises

Valentine’s Day this weekend will be stuffed full of hearts of every shape, size and texture — edible and otherwise. And women will be on the receiving end of most of the giving.

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Muddy waters: Navigating the social media morass around vaccines

The issue is currently at a fever pitch in the public, triggered by a measles breakout in several states that originated in Disneyland and was spread by unvaccinated children.

Column: Household reluctantly goes on pantry diet

If you were to poll my family at this moment, they would tell you they’re hungry.

Milton-Freewater examines ways to revitalize community

The organization has invited the Washington state-based Pomegranate Center to “A Look to the Future” discussion 6-8 p.m. Tuesday at the Milton-Freewater Community Building, 109 N.E. Fifth St.

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Gershwin tunes, crooners take stage at Cordiner Hall

The Walla Walla Symphony is not above having a Gershwin of a time. A joyous, better-than-birthday-cake kind of evening.

YMCA names Walla Walla native as new director

Dominic “Dondi” Cortinas has been named executive director of the Walla Walla YMCA.

Online sites change landscape for donors

In Walla Walla, like elsewhere in America, donating to people afflicted by tragedy or in dire need has traditionally been in the realm of the visible.