Shelby Paulsen

Shelby Paulsen is the director of The Rising Sun Clubhouse.

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With mental illness, you don’t have to go it alone

“Here I am, alone again.”

Suicidal thoughts? Hold out for hope

When I hear the word “suicide” I begin to cringe. That word alone sends a deep pang to the pit of my stomach. I grimace at the sound of it coming from a person’s mouth.

Nutrition implicated in research into positive mental health

“You are what you eat!” My mother has always been famous for saying that line, and I have now made it part of my life as well. Proper nutrition is vital for mental and physical health.

How to avoid, recover from adverse childhood experiences

The study of ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) has become a well-known effort to assess relations between childhood mistreatment and later-life health and well-being.

Lend a hand of assistance to those with mental illnesses

We’ve learned a lot together since last October when I began to submit articles to the Weekly. I’ve gotten some great responses, conversations and personal life tips from people in the community. I’ve challenged you and you’ve challenged me. It’s not very often that I get excited to step out of my homemade box, but you have all shown me how truly important it is to do so.

Prevention best way to deal with mental illness

There are many limitations in finding a cure-all for mental illness. In my eyes, there is only one way to avoid the risk of mental illness among any given population, and that is prevention. Of course this isn’t to say that once a person has mental illness, all hope is lost. There is a road to recovery.

Folate can unlock door to greater focus

The human body is constantly surprising me — especially the brain. New research into the brain continues to inform my academic appetite and I can’t help but share it.

How stress is caused, and how to deal with it

There isn't a one-size-fits-all way to deal with stress, so find what works best for you and follow through with it.

CBT a focused, versatile way to confront issues

When I say CBT, I’m not referring to core body temperature, circuit board technology or the Children’s Ballet Theater. I’m referring to what I think is one of the greatest types of therapy that has been developed.

Examining myths about mental illness can be enlightening

It’s the end of November. Thanksgiving is only a couple days away, and many will be gathering together with family and loved ones to celebrate the holiday season. But before the festivities begin, I want to give out another challenge. There were some very encouraging responses from last month’s article, and I can only hope that the Walla Walla Valley is gearing up to become a stronger role model for other communities in regards to the mental health field.

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