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Shelby Paulsen is the director of The Rising Sun Clubhouse.

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Column: Mental problems nothing to lose sleep over

Is lack of sleep keeping you from having good mental health? Or does poor mental health keep you up at night? Those are the among the questions researchers have been looking at in recent years.

Mental illness: How to help your better half get better

Spousal or partner support within a relationship regarding any matter is important, but what about when it comes to mental health? How involved can a partner be with their significant other’s mental health and wellness? How much of a difference can a supportive and loving partner make within their partner’s mental health? I got married this month, which is part of the reason why these questions are worth asking right now.

Column - How to treat anxiety in kids

Anxiety in a typical adult’s life can be easily handled when a person has the ability to realize the problem that is causing the anxiety and takes steps to approach and manage the situation in a healthy way. Anxiety is a natural reaction to something that causes alarm to the body and mind.

Column - Exercise a benefit for your mind as well as your body

In a world that is fast-paced, technology-driven and prone to illness, it might seem unreal to believe there could be one simple, cost-effective prescription to help curb mental illness: exercise.

Column - Family involvement and kids’ mental health, Part 2

Although it may be easy to understand when your child needs food, water, shelter or clothes, it is not always as obvious to know when your child needs specific care for their mental health.

Column: Family involvement and kids’ mental health, Part 1

Last month, I wrote about my personal experience with depression. Throughout my life I have had many ups and downs. However, it was the “downs” that left the greatest amount of impact on my life.

Column: A personal look at depression

In my studies of psychology over the years, I have found that personal experience trumps all textbooks, classes and lectures within the mental health field. You can have gobs of knowledge about a topic, but until you actually experience a problem with your own mental health, it is nearly impossible to fully understand the depths of mental illness.

Dual diagnosis: Substance abuse and mental illness

Hand in hand, they often walk together. Side by side, they will take their toll on many lives in this day and age. An enemy to many, substance abuse frequents those with mental illness, and it is rarely a positive relationship.

Column: How you can go from SAD to glad

“Tis the season to be jolly” is a true statement for some. For others however, this is the time of seasonal affective disorder, otherwise known as SAD.

With mental illness, you don’t have to go it alone

“Here I am, alone again.”

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