Submitting Photos

Submitting photos with press releases is a great way to make your event or news item stand out. If a reporter is working on a story, they may also ask you if you have photos to accompany it. If you have photos you'd like to submit and are unsure where to send them, check out our newsroom contacts page.

Regardless of the circumstances, here are some guidelines to keep in mind when submitting photos.

Subject and composition

All photos should be in focus and not so light or dark that it’s hard to make out details.

Shots of people or groups should be zoomed in far enough that people’s faces are clearly visible.

Where possible, we prefer action shots over staged photos. We’d rather see a conductor working with the band during rehearsal than the entire group posing together.

Technical requirements

We generally use digital photos, though high-quality prints may also be submitted.

Photos should be submitted in the largest possible file size. Send us the original photo from your camera if at all possible.

While it’s possible a photo from your cellphone could be used, most camera phones don’t produce photos at a great resolution, especially in less-than-perfect lighting conditions. If you have access to a camera that’s not built in to your phone, send us those photos instead.

To run in print, a photo should be at least six inches on its longest side with a resolution of at least 300 DPI. If it’s smaller than that, it may not print well. Lower resolution photos can sometimes be used online only.

We can work with many different file types, but we prefer JPGs. If you have a DSLR camera, we can also accept photos in the camera’s raw file format.