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Jo99362 says...

If you can land a Trader Joe's, it would be very successful! And a Chipotle!

Jo99362 says...

How much of the budget is for pension costs?

On Walla Walla County faces $1.6M budget gap

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Jo99362 says...

Yeah, almost $17 on top of the other debt already accumulated with Edison and Green Park. Didn't Sharpstein just got paid off and its been 12 years?

Jo99362 says...

Pretty sure Bush lied while on camera too.

On It is Democrats who mislead

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Jo99362 says...

Yeah, the Port could work on more manufacturing jobs that pay more than all the tourist/agriculture jobs. When Tyson left, a huge chunk of money spent locally went out the window.

On Deal to save Martin Archery makes sense

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Jo99362 says...

Pretty sure GW decided that we don't have the right to privacy and enacted the Patriot Act . . . now we all have him to thank for the numerous TSA stories and decipher if jello is more dangerous than a granola bar.

On Someone needs to challenge abuse of power

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Jo99362 says...

I am disappointed that vision and dental is not deemed necessary for healthcare coverage.

On Will Obamacare improve health insurance market?

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Jo99362 says...

Unfortunately, soy products are not healthy. School lunches would be healthier if the free/reduced lunch reimbursement rates for schools was higher. How about the areas in the metro areas where a "grocery store" does not exist. People do not cook food from scratch anymore.

On Chew on these thoughts about school lunches

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Jo99362 says...

Pretty sure GREED is a general human flaw that is in every political party. For maximizing profits, Republicans are ok with jobs being sent overseas years ago. Now these greedy companies are shipping chickens to CHINA so they can process the meat and export the same product back to us because it's cheaper than creating manufacturing jobs in America. Totally makes sense. Pretty sure Obama has nothing to do with this issue, it's a greed factor that seems to keep Americans in check.

On Liberals only care about themselves

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Jo99362 says...

If people have issues with Turner, why don't they go to the many roundtable discussions he has??? Have an actual conversation with him and ask questions without a hidden agenda. He's been forthcoming when I asked why they cannot use drug sniffing dogs at Wa-Hi, he's been honest that sometimes deputies are putting their lives at risk if they are not able to have radio contact, such as pulling people over, as well as having 24/7 patrol that has not happened in a few years. Exempt employees get hosed simply because there is always more work to do but the public doesn't care if you need sleep or if you have a family.