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chudiburg says...

Amen! It's like I told my doctor when I needed to have a tumor removed from my inner ear. He had the gall to suggest that I needed a CT scan and MRI first! Well I knew better, so I said "Hey man, you have an x-ray machine! That should be good enough."

Really guys?

On Walla Walla School bond like water park bond

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chudiburg says...

Medieval warm period and younger dryas were regional. We are presently warmer than the Medieval warm period on a global scale. We have to go back about 8000 years to find another time when glaciers receded to their present point. The reaseon for warmer temps 8000 years ago is due to the fact that it was period of maximum insolation due to obliquity etc. If you really want to talk Earth Climate history over billions of years, then please explain how we were warmer in the past without the effects of CO2?

Everywhere we look in the past, CO2 inserts itself. I recommend this video.

chudiburg says...

It is simple. The state matching funds will be spent first, then the bond funds. Whatever is left over will return to the local taxpayers. What is the issue with this?

On Is Wa-Hi now providing quality education?

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