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fatherof5 says...

"Obama granted amnesty to five million illegal immigrants, who are now living off of charity wherever they can get it."

This is the kind of propaganda that riles folks up, but is devoid of context or accuracy. Are these immigrants living off of charity or are they working hard to support themselves? Where is the support for this claim?

As for amnesty, I'm not sure some folks know what that word means. Here's an explanation I read recently that explains it better than I can:

"The last president to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants was Ronald Reagan. No subsequent president has been able to advance any immigration reform without it being bogged down in politics. President Obama has said he would work to pass the Dream Act, and that his administration would no longer order the deportation of young people who were brought here as kids and had no say in being here illegally. Many of these kids have lived here all their life and had no idea they were undocumented. Interestingly, President Obama's administration has deported a record number of illegal immigrants, but he understands our current policies are flawed and has said he would like to see some reforms. He has not mentioned "amnesty," but like President George W. Bush, he has talked about creating a path to citizenship for some of the undocumented immigrants. At this point, congress would not consider any such plan, so it has not moved forward."

fatherof5 says...

A good and well-articulated letter. “America needs to try change by the middle class, and for the middle class.” Yes.

The legitimate question, of course, is: "What does this look like?" Tax structures, regulations, minimum wages, food stamps, trade policies, military, environmental policies, and on and on. These are all challenging, and potentially divisive issues, but right now they are being tackled by politicians who represent corporate interests, and who largely do not work for the masses.

These issues need to be addressed through the lens of long-term thinking, smart investments in infrastructure and education, and optimal economic and environmental sustainability for the many, not just the few.

I'd start by getting money out of politics (somehow) and by enlisting economists and scientists to get a consensus on what is good policy.

fatherof5 says...

I'm with you on this one, barracuda.

fatherof5 says...

Spot on. Rep. Nealey's column was disingenuous on a number of levels.

fatherof5 says...

Yup. There are some places in this country where I guess you are going to get criticized for standing up for public educators and middle class values. I think I can take it. :)

fatherof5 says...

You're the one trying to win an argument with an personal attack and a platitude...but okay.

fatherof5 says...

The state is not broke. Our recovery thus far ranks 5th in the nation over the past couple of years. There are tax reforms and re-adjustments that wouldn't hit the poor or middle class, but would move us toward a more adequate funding of education.

PearlY, what level of quality do you want for our teachers? Colleges are saying that fewer of the top quality students are going into education because of the financial limitations. It's one thing to be of service and know that you will never rise above middle class status, regardless of how many years you work or degrees you earn. It's quite another to know that you can dedicate your life to being a professional educator, but you will be living paycheck to paycheck, which is the reality for most of the teachers I know.

We will get what we are willing to pay for.

fatherof5 says...

Teachers "seem to have no respect for any of those things" (i.e. law, democracy, and prudent fiscal management). That's quite a claim.

One might argue that it is out of respect for democracy that teachers are trying to stand up for the two class-size initiatives that the voters have passed the last decade that have been ignored by the legislature. Or the COLA that was passed by voters which has also been largely ignored.

Initiatives are part of our democracy too. So is the state's constitution, which according to our courts, is not being properly adhered to by our legislators.

So, it seems to me that these teachers are trying to get the legislators to uphold democracy and the law.

And as for fiscal management, teachers know plenty about that, as their wages have been frozen for six years and their health benefits decreased while health costs have risen.

fatherof5 says...

I wondered what you would do with my qualifier when I wrote it. :)

Well played.

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fatherof5 says...

I'm not convinced Obama is bypassing the Constitution by negotiating a treaty, but the human part of me would answer that, yes, I became less and less willing to give Bush the benefit of the doubt as his presidency wore on.

Is that because I am inconsistent and subjective in my principles or is it because his presidency proved to be largely incompetent and moved us in what I thought was a foolish direction?

Has Obama done the same for you as Bush did for me? Or has the right wing echo chamber never given him a chance and lied about him every step of the way ("death panels" anyone?), so that now folks like you will believe anything bad about him?

On Indiana business law draws national ire

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