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kowjak says...

Laughable! I worked hard for forty years, and thanks to both social security and a couple of Carpenters' pensions, and medicare -- which does not cover viagra or botox, I can get by. For several of those years, my family was without adequate health care, not for lack of trying. I am thankful for the occasional food stamps, medical coupons, and the periodic unemployment compensation which I paid for with my taxes. I was happy to pay my 23% tax rate when I was working, and happy to use the benefits when there was no work -- no thanks to the anti-tax, anti-government folks -- JHV

On Liberals only care about themselves

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kowjak says...

Sorry folks, you don't get to choose the color, religion, origin, or love life of your customers in this country. They were perfectly good customers until someone decided to impose their own beliefs upon them. I assure you I don't subscribe to your religion, but that's my business --

On R-74 assurances were just rhetoric

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kowjak says...

"Off her meds" -- very likely. Mr Obama is doing a fine job, despite harassment and obfuscation from the far right -- JHV

On Obama will destroy America

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kowjak says...

No TV for over forty years, but I can see Mr. Obama is turning out to be as good a president as Mr. Clinton. Now that we have quieted these anti-tax, anti-government wingers, we may be able to get on with life -- JHV

On Obama is nation’s greatest disaster

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kowjak says...

We need to go back to having penalties related to the offense. I know very good drivers who are heavily penalized for expired tags, being behind in child support, or nonresidence paperwork, etc. The penalty should be directly related to the offense. Insurance companies should be allowed to sell license tabs on a monthly basis, to cut down on the frivolous number of "uninsured" tickets for revenue -- JHV

On Traffic fines must be applied equally for all

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kowjak says...

Our local taxes have been unfairly reduced by our tax-exempt internet shopping, cutting our state and local budgets. I shop online a great deal myself, and should not worry if I were appropriately taxed for the availability of parts and supplies not available locally, or at least without an hour's drive. We cannot continue to starve our government for revenue! -- Jack

On Walla Walla City Council OKs tax hike

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kowjak says...

47 years I've been fighting for these changes -- OK, pot first, gay marriage took a few changes -- but it's been worthwhile, we're finally getting the facts right. Government is by regulation and taxation, not denial and banishment -- Jack

On The election was about our pleasures, right?

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kowjak says...

I certainly intend to vote for Barack -- He didn't set up the big dare, the tax cuts that drove up our debt, and the first day of January they'll ALL be in favor of tax cuts -- sensible ones, that do not attempt to derail our priorities in the guise of an "emergency".

On Obama moving American toward a cliff

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