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notpeggyhuntington says...

Great points, indeed!

Naysayers do not realize that the science classrooms are not even up to standards of 30 years ago. I have read letters that advise teachers at Wa-Hi to use more power strips and get window air conditioners. From what I have read in UB letters to the editor, that "solution" has been what teachers have been doing for decades. Decades! How 'bout the solution of passing a bond? Walla Walla's children deserve a decent high school!

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notpeggyhuntington says...

I am curious as to what aspects of the proposal you consider frivolous. Have you toured the high school?
As community-minded taxpayers, don't we want our youth provided with opportunities that modern schools provide? Which half of the proposal would you cut, if it were up to you?

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notpeggyhuntington says...

The point made in the letter about communities in Tri-Cities and Yakima supporting their public schools is well-taken. I think it is safe to say that young professionals looking to relocate in southeastern Washington are going to consider the schools in the district as a part of their decision making process. Tri-Cities and Yakima have modern high schools that evoke a better first impression. Based on first impressions, one can't blame young medical professionals for choosing Chiawana, Hanford, Southridge, Davis, (over Wa-Hi) for their children over Wa-Hi. We have three hospitals in town; I fear that these hospitals will become less competitive at attracting new talent if we do not support the Wa-Hi bond, and we will be stuck driving out of town in order to see the best doctors.

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notpeggyhuntington says...

Actually, all of the trees in Walla Walla (except those in riparian areas) are native to parts of the world where irrigation is not necessary, so yes, I have planted trees in an area that would be classified as drought conditions. If we want trees, we need to water them. If we want better for our kids then what we had for ourselves, we have to pay for it.
You seem to know something about how children are being educated. You say children are being "educated to be takers." Would you please elaborate? It has been my experience that my children's teachers challenge them to make contributions. Would you please give me an example of what you mean so that I might understand your point of view better?

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notpeggyhuntington says...

To namvet60, would you support the bond a year from now? Is 12 months that significant? I don't think 12 months is that significant, so why not support it now while construction costs are low?

I have two kids in the district. One will not benefit from the remodel and the other will experience a year in the new school. I liken my support of the bond to that of planting a tree. When I plant a tree, I am not going to benefit from its shade. However I do benefit from the shade of trees that were planted by people I do not know.

Fifty years ago, taxpayers spent the money to build Wa-Hi for my children; I believe that it is time for me to "pay it forward," and support the remodel of Wa-Hi for someone else's kids. Frankly, I don't want to wait a year. we need a remodel of Wa-Hi now.

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notpeggyhuntington says...

namvet60-did you ever consider that fatherof5 may have also been taught in a similar one room school house in a northern tier state? Perhaps he wants our community's children to have a better school than he had. Just saying!

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