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rao says...

If politicians want to get tough on crime to get elected then they need to stay in the ball game after they are elected and be part of a solution to win the game. basics -- food, shelter, medical care and proper hygiene is not unreasonable. After all they can’t get a job that pays minimum wage. If they could there would be no problem. It is very difficult to get a prison paid job while incarcerated, and if they do find a paying job, (most jobs don’t pay) it is 20 to 30 dollars a month. Remember about 30 to 35 percent of money in an inmate’s account is confiscated by the state to be used toward their incarceration. Mr. Pearson counters by citing figures showing inmates have taken advantage of the system to pile up debts when they are not actually indigent, is incorrect. If they do then the state needs to fix their accounting department. Not letting inmates wash, brush their teeth or take aspirin is not a solution to this problem and can cause more serious problems. If Mr. Pearson wants to save money he and his other politicians should get back in the game and consider other avenues to incarceration and warehousing people.

rao says...

I believe that the best coarse of action is to allow judges to make sentencing decisions. they are more personally involved and are better equipped to do this rather than a one size fits all attitude. One size fits all is a incomplete sentence. When this bill was passed, i believe in 1984 i didn't think it would work.

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