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sepraj0429 says...

Good grief. Doesn't ANYONE proofread this newspaper?!? "Stocking me"?!?!!!!

sepraj0429 says...

You celebrate killing this magnificent animal?!?

On Walla Walla man nabs massive elk

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sepraj0429 says...

"Miton-Freewater puts on the gloves against bullying" --- MITON-Freewater?!? Come on, UB, can't you proofread?!?

sepraj0429 says...

Yep, nail right IN the head of a brainless writer

On Obama should resign

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sepraj0429 says...

If the octopus had been allowed to remain, that would have potentially opened the door for any/all other stores to do likewise. How would that have looked? It could have brought a ridiculous appearance to downtown. If the toy store owner had bothered to follow the regulations he knew about in the first place, then none of this would have happened anyway.

On Octopus mural should have been embraced

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sepraj0429 says...

What's a "widwife"? Come on, U-B, how about a little proofreading?

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