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shiftboss1 says...

I understand the need for early childhood education and believe that it can help children but.....if those same children go home to parents that don't care and won't invest their time in their own children then what happens? Low income does not equal "*behind in vocabulary development and pre-literacy and pre-math skills. They can also have problems with behavior and impulse control — which makes it hard to get along with other kids and teachers"*. Kids need parents that are willing to parent, willing to teach, and willing to give up some of their own wants for the benefit of the child they are raising. Yes, I would rather money go to the children than to the already incarcerated adults but if the state is willing to spend that kind of money then there needs be be some accountability for the parents of the children.

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As a mom, it was my gun that was my back up for my one year old daughter and I the morning a mentally ill man who had walked away from a mental hospital in Canada and hopped a freight train into the US somehow made it on to a dead end gravel road in Umatilla County. He wanted in my house and the nearest Deputy was not near enough, although a very well trained neighbor was. I was not going to cower to this individual. My maternal instinct was very strong that morning and because of my training and ability I was not worried about how I was going to defend my daughter and myself if he decided to break in. In the end he got a trip to the Umatilla County Jail and from there a ride back to Canada. I support the NRA and my right to defend my family, with deadly force, if needed.

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