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walla2butterfly says...

Things that make you wonder:

How many in the county were still for alcohol prohibition back in the day, and how that played out in licensing bars in the community?

Why is there a bar right next to the park downtown?

What message are all the wine tasting establishments everywhere you turn, sending to our children?

On Moratorium on marijuana in Walla Walla fails

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walla2butterfly says...

personally the way rose is set up now, I don't go near it on my bike or walking unless totally unavoidable. As for worrying about bus coming up behind, I would rather have them behind me then most other drivers

walla2butterfly says...

I am so grateful to our fore fathers who broke the rules and gave us the freedom we enjoy today

walla2butterfly says...

"Wellington Avenue and Glen Erin Drive, 8:20 p.m., Tuesday. A sheriff’s deputy stopped a car for speeding and discovered the driver, a 19-year-old man, smelled of marijuana smoke. The teen admitted he had been smoking pot, but the officer “could not detect impairment” during the teen’s voluntary field sobriety test. The deputy issued a citation for driving while suspended, possession of less than 40 grams of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. The 19-year-old’s father arrived to drive the teen home because, according to the Sheriff’s Office report, neither the driver, nor his 18-year-old passenger, felt able to drive (further) due to marijuana consumption."

What a bunch of propaganda! If it was even reported, it should have been name, charge, etc. I don't see the detail reporting of the DUI, the children breaking the skylight, etc. Yap the UB at its finest, spreading propaganda. Why don't they post the stops of drivers who pass their field sobriety test while smelling of alcohol? ???

On Emergency Services - 3/21/13

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walla2butterfly says...

Well written. That said, I agree 100%.
Many have not gotten any kind of raise for several years but continue to have all the same responsibilities. Were I work, many that have gotten hired over the last 4 years, have assumed more responsibilities, learned new skills but still have the same pay as they started. The board would love to give out raises to all the hard working dedicated employees but it is just not possible at this time......